Our intention is to bring together a conscious community to strengthen us individually, as well as together.

Our practice of yoga is beyond health and social connection, expanding our individual expression of abundance through charity. We encourage this expression through donations at each event, in support of national or local charitable organizations. Each event can be tailored to support a new charitable organization or held in reserve to support a single donation at end of year to a charity. We welcome all suggestions which are appropriate with respect to our sponsors.

We have supported the Natural Resources Defense Council, Kansas City Public Libraries, Save A Warrior, private parties, and local arts.

If you'd like to host a project with your community, click here!

The benefit of The Yogi Beer Project is beyond bringing people together for the celebration of health and community.  Our mission is also to give back in gratitude for all that we are given. The Yogi Beer Project donates event proceeds to a variety of charitable organizations.



The Benefit

We come together in support in celebration of health and community to deepen relationships and expand connections.  Our events combine imbibing the spirit of friendship as well as delicious craft beer!

Celebrating Health, Community, Yoga, and Beer!

We practice yoga with the intention of supporting personal health through strength, flexibility, relaxation, balance, and the reduction of anxiety and stress.  Our classes are guided by real, live yoga teachers.

Conscious Community